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Information about the artist’s social delivery
You find my sheet of information to the artist’s social delivery under the following link:
Informationen zur Künstlersozialabgabe

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I would like to inform you with pleasure here about the processing of personal data about the function of the share badge XING. On this Internet site the „share badge XING“ is used. At short notice by the call of this Internet site a connection with the servers of the XING AG („XING“) with which the „share badge XING“ functions (in particular the calculation / announcement of the counter value) are produced is built up about your browser. XING stores no personal data of you about the call of this Internet site. XING stores in particular no IP addresses. No evaluation of your behaviour of utilisation about the use of Cookies also takes place in connection with the „share badge XING“. You can call away the in each case topical data protection information about the „share badge XING“ and complementary information on this Internet site: https://dev. xing. com / plugins / share_button / privacy_policy

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Valid from the 1st of October, 2015
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